Richmond Hill Park Non-Native Invasive Plant Removal Event, July 12th

Richmond Hill Park Non-Native Invasive Plant Removal Event, July 12th

Don’t forget about WNCA’s ongoing non-native invasive removal project at Richmond Hill Park. The event takes place the second Saturday of every month, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. To sign up for this, or a later event, please go to SignUp Genius.
Over about the last 3 years work in the park has changed an area covered in privet and multiflora rose into a beautiful wildflower cover wonderland for wildlife. Come out and help keep the trails open and park beautiful.

Cancled due to the weather! December 14th: Volunteers sought for invasive plant control outing at Richmond Hill Park

The workday at Richmond Hill has been canceled due to the weather. Current predictions are  for a high temperature in the very low 40 and rain. As such there will be no workday. I’m sorry of any disappointment of inconvenience.




Update: 12/10/13 – From WNCA

Hey Volunteers!

Thanks for signing up to help this Saturday at Richmond Hill Park. Everything you need to know about the day is in the link below.  Today is only Tuesday but we have an almost capacity number signed up to help. We are watching the weather and it’s too soon to know what Saturday will bring. Should the weather be too unfriendly for a productive day we will reschedule and notify you by email on Friday afternoon. Check your emails before you head out on Saturday if the weather looks questionable.

For those who have never been on one of these events, it’s important for you to be there at 10 for instruction. Those who have been trained can come at 10:30 ready to jump in. Bring water to drink or a hot  beverage of your choice and  a lunch or snacks. We will have some granola bars on hand for fortification.

Saturday’s leader will be Rose Butler who has been trained by Bob Gale and is certified by the state to use and teach the use of herbicides needed in this work. Rose is an experienced leader and a very valuable volunteer with WNCA. Bob, Rose and I have been working on developing a calendar for invasive events in 2014 both for Richmond Hill Park and other locations near Asheville. As we recruit and train more volunteers we want to encourage teams to break off and take on invasive work in other locations.

I can tell by all the names on the list that this is going to be a really good group of folks on Saturday!


Cynthia White Camilleri, Volunteer Coordinator

Western North Carolina Alliance

December 2nd, 2013


The Western North Carolina Alliance needs volunteers to participate in an invasive exotic plant management/control outing from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 14 in Richmond Hill Park (280 Richmond Hill Drive).

These plants were introduced in earlier decades, both deliberately and accidentally, and have escaped into areas of our public lands. Invasive exotic plants out-compete native plants for space, sunlight, water, and nutrients, often causing a decline in biodiversity.

They can also take over and destroy native food sources, leaving wildlife with food that provides little to no nutritional value for their needs.

Our happy and hungry work crew.

Our happy and hungry work crew.

Staff will give instruction on how to identify invasive exotic plants of concern in the park, as well as how to use manual and chemical control methods.

Then we’ll put these skills to work treating invasive plant species found along the trail. We’ll provide gloves and equipment needed for the event. Volunteers are asked to bring lunch and water. Long pants, a long sleeve shirt, and old shoes or hiking boots (no open shoes or sandals) are required, even if the day is warm.

More information about Richmond Hill Park can be found at or by contacting James Wood at

If you want to join us, please RSVP to WNCA Volunteer Coordinator Cynthia Camilleri by, or by calling (828) 258-8737, ext. 207.