Help Asheville’s Only Urban Forest – Richmond Hill Park-October 11

(From WNCA)
The Western North Carolina Alliance needs volunteers to participate in invasive exotic plant management/control outings from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday October 11th and on the second Saturday of every month, in Richmond Hill Park (280 Richmond Hill Drive).


[Rosebay Rhodendron (Rhododendron maximum) a native flowering shrub blooms along the trails in the park (above left). Wild Geranium (Geranium maculatum) is a frequent native wildflower that has benefited from the removal of invasive-exotic plants that crowded it out (above right)]


Invasive exotic plants were introduced in earlier decades, both deliberately and accidentally, and have escaped into areas of our public lands. Invasive exotic plants out-compete native plants for space, sunlight, water, and nutrients, often causing a decline in biodiversity.

Invasive exotic plants can also take over and destroy native food sources, leaving wildlife with food that provides little to no nutritional value for their needs.
[Over the last 3 years this important work has substantially improved the habitat for birds and native wildflowers in the park, while improving the quality and accessibility of the trails throughout the park.]
Bob Gale, Ecologist and Public Lands Director, will give instruction on how to identify invasive exotic plants of concern in the park, as well as how to use manual and chemical control methods.

Then we’ll put these skills to work treating invasive plant species found along the trail. We’ll provide gloves and equipment needed for the event. Volunteers are asked to bring lunch and water. Long pants, a long sleeve shirt, and old shoes or hiking boots (no open shoes or sandals) are required, even if the day is warm.

More information about Richmond Hill Park can be found at or by contacting James Wood at Richmondhillforest at

If you want to join us, please sign up through SignUp Genius here. For questions, please contact WNCA  Volunteer Coordinator Cynthia Camilleri by emailing cynthia at, or by calling (eight-two-eight) two-five-eight  –  eight-seven-three-seven, ext. 207.
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