This blog is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of  Richmond Hill Park. My name is James Wood and I have been involved with Richmond Hill Park since 2005. I was a vocal opponent to building baseball fields in the park and now I am working to raise awareness and promote the natural wonders of the park. With the invaluable help of the Bob Gale and MountainTrue, much work has been done to remove invasive species from the park, but there is much more work to be done. The trail network has been designed, expanded and improved by Mike Brown and the Pisgah Area Southern Off-Road Biking Association (SORBA). Mike has done a great job at balancing the needs for well fun, designed trails with environmental considerations and sensitive areas.

The park is full of wildlife and abundant wildflowers. Please be considerate to these natural wonders when you’re out in the park by staying on the trail, picking up trash and keeping you dog on a leash. Dogs are wonderful and I love them, but they are hard on wildlife. Lots of people use Richmond Hill Park and the more dogs are let loose in the park, the less wildlife is able to use the forest as a home.

I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Asheville in 2007 doubling majoring in Biology and Environmental Science. UNCA is a great school and I cannot thank my professors enough for their help and support. From 2008-2010 I attended the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where I earned a Master of Science in Plant Biology. Currently I am a PhD student at the University of Georgia, in the School of Ecology. My research interests revolve around aquatic ecology, botany and the impact of urbanization on the landscape.


Contact me at Richmondhillforest@gmail.com




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